Sunday, April 03, 2011

Alzheimer's - The Miss Understanding of Many People

What follows is a statement made of by a supposed, i use the term very loosely and with distain, 20yr Professional Caregiver.  Persons words just prove what I have said here, we are not understood and we need a voice, and not from the professionals.  My response to this very ill informed ass and Lynn's is there also.  Pleaase understadn that most of the people on are really people who care and are trying to undeerstand and get good information not this type of pure crap and idiocracy.
"it's an illness, it's difficult but it's not ugly, horrible, demeaning, cruel.
i know that no-one i ever look after ever could remember my name, but i remember theirs. and i walk beside them. that's what caregiving is. it's not oppositional, it's walking beside who this person actually is now. it's about forgiving them for their illness."
Frena wrote the above. Well maybe if you had the disease Lady, you might just find out how ugly, horrible, deameaning, cruel and damnable it is. See I suffer from it, so do not hand me that load of crap. And i do not need yours or anyone elses forgiveness for me having this disease. Expert you are not, you do not live in this world. I and over 5 million people at present in thsi countyr of orus do.
/this is Joe's wife, Lynn, I am surprised that he was very calm in the response to your letter. This is a disease. It is ugly and horrible. Nobody wants to loose their minds and that is what happens with Alzheimer's. I do not know of anybody that has this disease who needs to ask for forgiveness from you or anybody else. The people who have cancer which is a disease don't ask for forgiveness why should the people who have Dementia. Maybe you need to rethink your profession.

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