Friday, April 29, 2011

Alzheimer's = Millions Survivors = ZERO

Yep that is the score. Now what do you want to do about it. NO CAUSE - OF COURSE NO CURE - & MEDS THAT DO NOT DO MUCH.  Yes now they say it starts, the brain shrinking, 10 years before first diagnosis. New three stages, shrinkage, mild to moderate loss and final stages. These brilliant morons, sorry that is what they are, have confirmed everything I told my physchologist over 6 years agao. What these folks call Early Onset is not, it is mid stage.

I have been fighting the fight for years now, daily. I have lost on a daily basis. What is it that people do not understand? This Disease KILLS.............  When does the truth get told over the media, we are not mentally ill people we suffer from a deadly disease, get with it people.

I have grown tired of the battle and tired of trying to help the word get spread and fighting my own decline, I no longer have the physical or mental or emotiooonal strength or will to continue to fight. So no more from me. only that which I can remmeber happening each day and coming forth and trying to tell you, no more fight no more argumment, my time to rest has come, it is time for others to pick it up. People only want to hear from those that are nicey nice, well you all know me simple and raw to the point.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!


NewKidontheBlogg said...

We want to hear your gut reactions, Joe. There is nothing nicey nice about Alzheimer's.

My family in Huntsville, Alabama is safe--no electricity, but houses in tack. We left there a day before the tornado came threw.


NewKidontheBlogg said...

Came through, that is.

You are strong when you are on our shoulders, Joe, like the song says.


presstoe said...

I agree, and it's nice to be raw! People reading here want your perspective- you tell us your experience while other people with AD just can't.

Hopefully AD will be diagnosed more quickly in the future. If you knew something was going on, I'm sure other people with the early stages and shrinkage do too. Keep posting because the info and links will help people understand.

Take care and have a lazy weekend! I'm planning to relax, watch TV and brush my cats!!!

CAROLDEE said...

Speak what you feel in your heart the words will be here for us all to hear forever. Blessings to you and all you do to help others get the message across..And this too shall pass and you will someday feel refreshed and clear minded in God's kingdom.. Peace to you and your family! : )

JUST A MOM said...

One day at a time Joe... Live one moment at a time, aware you are LOVED by MANY!

Charlotte said...

Joe, hello to you,

I’m a friend and new care-provider for a neighbor with Parkinson’s, and am in the process of learning all I can.

I’ve discovered that the blogs I’ve found, like yours, are the best sources of real, useful information for someone like me. Thank you very much for your contributions to my education!

May I share another that I like? The author’s name is John, and he seems like a fountain of information and inspiration. He has just begun a series about dementia, which I thought would be of special interest to you.

Keep posting!