Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Friend Carol has asked for Armagedon.

Yes Carol you have asked me to bring the wrath of the Lord on us. Me making a video of me dancing, is like asking 40 Blue Whales to come ashore and dance, it would shake the ground and mountains of the world, then you said about maybe one of me singing.  Well i do not know if you ever herd a bull mose bellow, I am far worse, cows calve, horses fold, birds take flight and forest fall down. And gardening, my idea is dig a hole put the pott with the plant in the ground, if the grass or plants get brown spray paint them with green paint. I think he who made us all would not allow such a plaque on his world done by one like me, that is his job.  I have tried to play him in my life, got no where but arrested, told to go away, drunk and strung out for years, toooooo many battle scars to do that anymore, so my friend no way.

I have thought about making a video for You Tube, but as a suffer of this disease to verbaly tell folks about this world that i and many others live in. Not the crud from the experts and sorry caregivers, who really do not know who we are, but love us enough to help. People need to really know what it truly is like for us that suffer. Have tried with my blog and my book and well, my ego is now in the way and it has gotten kikced in the ass.  Maybe the video might help as my time grows shorter.

I know I sound damn good today, but I am in a rotten mood, spent two days in court testifing  in a fraud case that cost my son 56000 investment. Good thing the judge wa s a compassionate and understanding person, because you all know how I can say things and how blunt i get. I tired as hell no sleep, hours in the court room and me basically the only witness for two days, traveling to court being out with people which just drives me squirerler than I already am. Meds have not helped much but I am here today and I guess that is what counts. Confused as hell, not really knowing what I feel or want or much of who I am anymore.

I thank all of you that responded to Lynns last post, it shows what a family we are becomming and she really was touched. But why not she is with me, so you know she is sick to. But I do thank you, because what you did and said is why this blog is here and all are welcomed.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!!

PS> prayer for those who fight to keep us all around the world free, and for those suffering in Japan, they did not ask for this, no more than the folks in New Orleans asked for Katrina.


NewKidontheBlogg said...

Joe, you are so much fun here! Do you know how funny you are? The video isn't necessary, but hearing from you is just great. I will do an Irish gig for you, my friend.

It is incredible that you testified in court. My husband would not be a credible witness anymore. Hope the judge rules in your son's favor.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


karen said...

I am so amazed by you every time I read one of your post. Being in court and testifing is incredible. Do the youtube video . People need to hear and see whats going on with Alz. Have you seen the new facts and figures on Alz. this yr . It is awful and only getting worse.