Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Early Onset Alzheimers

Yesterday my physcollogsit and I discussed this topic. Generally from time of this diagnosis till time to leave is about 8 years. Check the people that have died from the HBO special and the timeline and that of Sarge Schriver diag. in 2003 just died 2011. The list goes on.

We got to talking about the time period and EOA. My opinion only is that what is called EOA is not, it is more towards the middle stages. My reasoning, which is questoinable, is most of us are told when we start to notice things going wrong, oh it is STRESS, you are just DEPRESSED, you are DISTRACTED and you know the other bullshit. It generally is years before anyone really starts to listen and connnect the dots and finally does reall testing and oh well now you have EOA. I say no, you had EOA possibly for as much as 10 years befoer those white coats figured it out. Of course you had no idea, even though you kept on saying no that is not the problem this is. But of course you did not read page 89 of the med journal of AD and the box you have to fit in to have it.

Yes we both disagreed with each other at the beginning, but since his dad died from AD, he thought back and started to understand what I was trying to say, just maybe the real deal. He is a good man, shit he has put up with me for almost 6 years, so who is the sicker one! He asked me when I first noticed things going goofin and best I could remember I was around fifty, i could not multitask without notes anymore or even handle the number of tasks that I could and it got worse and worse. Of course i had SDD syndrome, right.

What I am trying to say while I am still somwhat together is, if you feel there are reall problems going on in your head, do not allow your doctor to just push it off as the SDD syndrome. You have to fight for you period.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the tests seem to be geared for moderate AD not the beginning stage. I'm not sure I understand why they can't come up with something to test for it in the early stage. Maybe they're working on it. Maybe our kids will benefit anyway. Thanks Joe for being our voice. Marianne

JUST A MOM said...

Hey Joe I have not left ya my computer went poof... I finely ordered my copy of the book I hope it get the place wehre I work to set up some computers for our residents,,, keep haning in there Joe,

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