Monday, February 28, 2011

Alan Arnette The Summit Climbet

Hi Joe,

It was great speaking with you. Here is the picture of me holding my mom’s picture on my last of the 54 Colorado 14,000 mountains. I will take this picture to the top of the 7 Summits as I climb them to raise awareness and $1M for Alzheimer’s research.

All the best,

 Alan will be attacking Mount Everest is a few weeks. It will be his third summit climb for Alzheimer's Awarness, fund raising and for caregiver support. I hope you all join me in wishing him wel. He is supposed to keep me posted on things and how they are progressing.

Alan has already accomplished what I have tried to for those of us that suffer to give us a voice, am i jealous, YES. He is giving a voice to Alzheimer's via his noterity for the climbs and the companies backing him. He has reached approximately 20 million folks so far, with radio talk shows, articles written and press coverage. He hopes to raise 1 million for Azheimer's Reasearch and the like.

Alan asked me if I would go to the mountains and I told him I did once and it looked at me and said "Fool Go Home"!
God Bless You Alan on your journey.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!

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