Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's in a day

Let's start with how Joes' day goes. He gets up and goes in and turns on the computer. We moved it upstairs after our son moved out. Then he goes down and feeds and waters the bird. , takes his meds. That may or may not tire him out so he will sit and most likely fall asleep sitting on the couch. On Fridays that is towel day. He gathers all the towels in the house and washes, dries and puts them away. This could take anywhere from an hour and a half to all day because he has forgotten that he started them, and most likely will sleep again. He has his tacquitos several times in a day or not depending on wheter or not he remembers if he is hungry. We all ask him if he wants anything. Then there are the times that he is staring off into space and you ask if anything is wrong and he shrugs and says Ehh. Yesterday I asked him and he said that he was tired and did not care anymore. He wants to go home. It is getting harder for him to get his thoughts across and out to us. We play alot more charades. It is a good thing I know how his brain works or we would never have a conversation.
I think that is enough for now and will do more later.
Take care


Peaceful said...

oh dear,
how do we deal with wanting to 'go home' I have this said to me several times a day and it hurts me deeply. I just moved my mom down the hall from me to a beautiful apartment. She wants to go to her childhood home where things are familiar-(she thinks)
Im sure this is not what he means, because when I say this it means I want to go 'upstairs' home...
Peace to your heart.

Lynn said...

That is exactly what he means and there is no response I can give him. I do not think there is anybody who can think of the right words to say to anyone without sounding heartless.

June said...

Hi Lynn,

I have followed Joe's writings on the blog since the tv special aired. It's cool that he can still take his meds himself. We have to hand my Mom hers and wait til she puts the pills in her mouth, then hand her the water.
Occasionally, she has dropped the pills into the water glass: )

just last friday, Mom moved into an assisted living alzheimer's/dementia care place. She used to say the 'I want to go home' thing all the time, along with the where is my mother, who is taking care of her' theme, but that is gone now. Still talks a blue streak, word salad, mostly. Only bright spot, she never once said why am I in this place. She just accepted it. We were amazed, as we expected some serious drama and emotion.

(We use the humor approach alot, as with this awful disease, you either laugh or you cry...)

Denise said...

I "met" Joe and Lynn when a friend brought me the DVD to educate myself about this disease, that my mom has. Its helpful to have a place to see what others are going through. Joe and Lynn..you are two of my newest heroes (along with everyone dealing with A.D.) Love and prayers to all.