Monday, January 24, 2011

I have a new name.

Yes thakns to you all I learned a new word.  I had to google it to find out what it meant, but none the less I like it. So i am KVECHTING, that makes me a KVECHTER. Yes a whinner, but I serve the wine, why do you not bring the cheese and crackers to the table?

Finally some of you let loose with what bothers you and I am glad, that is waht my blog is about, not only my journey and pain straight out, but you response straight out and back. No holds barred here. Do not be afraid of hurting my feelings with what you say, because I surely have no problem fighting back if it is called for.

I just want the real story about those of us in this World of Ours, told. Not by "experts", "researchers", yes "caregivers", etc. But by US!!! Yes you suffer the pains of helping us and watching us waste away to mere shadows of a one time person. Too many of those in my world are too afraid to say anything or are in denial and just do not want to tell anything.  Well we SUFFER greatly, we die many times, each day we die a little more, we forget who people are includdding our selves. I do not think you can really understand the anger and frustration of this. Sitting down to eat and you forgt how to use the fork or even what the fuck you are doing at the table. My own wife scares the shit out of me at time when she comes up to me, because at that moment, I have no idea who she it or what the hell she is doing in my house.

We do not go out much, I am afraid to leave my house or yards, because I may not return here, this is my safe place for me.

Well you all be good to yourselves.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!!


NewKidontheBlogg said...

Just got your wonderful autographed book. Thanks for recording all you do here and putting it in that book. Thanks for addressing it to my husband also with your autograph. It may help him accept what is happening to him as you have since maybe 2006. Gonna read much of it to him.


Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

Joe, You are so right. We do not understand the anger and frustration of AD and what it does to a person. My biggest fear is to be trapped in a body that can't communicate how I feel or what I want to say. AD scares the crap out of me. I have read everything I can get my hands on about it. I fear my dad has the beginnings of AD or some kind of dementia. Dear dear Joe, thank you for telling it like it is. How else would we know? As far as being a kvehter, I fit right in with you. I don't do sick very well. I whine and whine. Take care, Karen

Anonymous said...

Dear Joe
The problem I had was a dad who came from a culture of gentlemen,strong men, tough men and men who cared for thier families. He always held the door open, walked on the left side of me, held my coat out while I put it on. He fixed what was broken, always had the answer. How could he possibly admit he couldn't find his watch, remember his phone number or needed help. Once or twice he would say how frustrated he was not being able to come up with the right word but more often than not he would tell me how super he was doing and how great he felt. I realize now how hard he was working at covering up what was being lost.

Earlene said...

Hi Joe,
I watched both my parents succumb to Alzheimer's and the personal problems that came about because of this disease. But God is good and He supplied every need as they appeared. I have even written a book too - My Parents' Passing. I wrote it to open the eyes of those who want to know and not make the same mistakes that I made. I wrote it to help my family know should someone else in our family be diagnosed with it. I can see how a person could hide this for several years from even a loved one. Would it be in my best interest to know if I inherited this awful dementia and to be on medication? Will it slow the process down enough to make a difference? At what point does it not help? Lord please bless us with a cure. -Earlene