Friday, January 21, 2011

Hears a thought

How many caregivers out there ask the person they are caring for "How do you feel about having this?" Or "How do you feel when you can't remember?" I know Joe has communicated to me and has been trying to do the same with all of the readers he has. It is a tough concept to ask thses types of questions. What Joe has been trying to communicate is that there is alot of fear with this disease. He has sat down to eat dinner and forgotten what it is he is doing and how to do it. He is scared of the person sitting next to him even though he has known that person forever. We do not go out alot because he is afraid to go past the edge of the property because he may not come back. This has made a man who would willing take on the South Side of Chicago to do his job, someone who jumps when I walk up next to him. What we take for granted the pepole who have this disease no longer can. Joe mentioned that I had taken a job as a caregiver. I was taking care of a perfectly sweet couple who both had AD. Everyday while I was there we had the same discussions. "Where is my car?" "Why can't I go to the bank?" "It is not fun getting old because you get no respect from anyone." I was sorry when I decided that I could no longer work for this company because I will miss the couple. Try listening to your client, loved one, neighbor. They are trying to say hear me but most of the time can't.
This is what Joe wants on the TV shows, and the newspapers, and the articles that are written about the disease. We all know that there are people dying and we know the medical field is working on a cure for a disease that they don't know how it starts. I have never heard of brain cells regenerating. But then I don't have a degree.
This is the story that needs to be told.
And if it sounds like he is kvechting so be it send him some cheese and crackers. He'll love it.
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