Friday, November 12, 2010

Who Really Speaks For Us?

Since i went to the memmory walk here, 1st one in Oceanside, CA, which had 600 walkers so they say, the question of "Who Really Speaks For Us?"  Has been runnning in my head. I listened to all the speakers and the walkers, cheering for a cure, what about the cause people? I heard how everyone was helping to care for us and the rest. But NO ONE spoke for me or the others in my world.  Where is our Voice. Certainly not with the major companies, major sports or even really the fricken media. Try as I may I cound not find anythin in our local paper The North County Times about it. But the, and you may not like this but tuff, The BOOB walk on sunday drew media and papers.  It is I think as I have felt we are throw aways. Fix them boobs, which deaths have been droping on, and I do not wish it on any woman or man (we get it to Ladies), but we have no, I repeat we have NO SURVIVORS' , THAT IS RIGHT NOT ONE! Again, WHERE IS OUR VOICE?

I am ready for the bull mail to come take your best shot at me. I can dish it out and I can take it back. But if you are going to get on my ass, do it publicly with a comment. I put out publicly and am not afraid.

I for one who suffers with this bastard of a disease, am really getting tired of everyone saying we are going forward, but yet I do not see us on the boob tube rarely. Where are the causes? Where are the cures? Where is there real working drugs?  I once offered and now I offer again a CHALLENGE to any so called researcher out there my brain to use living samples from, not mice, not dead brain material, although that may be debatable in my case, to use. I know I have been told it may leave me worse off, more demented and I may die, DAH, wath the hell is going to happen anyways.

Until my next tirade or what ever, be good to your selfs.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!!!!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Joe and Lynn. For the past few months, I have been stealing a few hours a week to read your blog from the beginning. (If I had started from the most recent posts, I would have known that I could have read it in book form. Oh well.) I know that you think you WERE a great man, Joe, but I think you still ARE. The fact that you are doing this blog for the AD community, the fact that you refuse to use spellcheck and to edit your thoughts and emotions, all of this tells me what a BRILLIANT man that you still ARE. You recognize that we need this insight, and you recognize that there are pitifully few places that we can get anything quite so honest as this blog. Thank you. I am grateful that I do not currently have friends or relatives suffering from this disease, but I do work for a company that is trying to build a facility to help the victims to achieve a better quality of life on THIS SIDE, as you would say. (That is how I found your blog.) That's about as good as we can hope for right now.

Lynn, thank you for posting as well. As I was reading from the beginning, I wondered who you were and how things looked from your viewpoint, and I am so grateful that you decided to let us know. When I read your posts, my heart hurts, but I hope that it gives you some release to contribute them.

Please continue to post, both of you. EVERY WORD matters.

Heather said...

Joe- Thank you thank you thank you for "saying" out loud what I have been thinking for some time now. I have known and currently do know many women who were diagnosed with breast cancer. The majority of them are still living and all of them consider themselves survivors. I also know many women who have family members with AD and not one of those family members will be a survivor---not one. I am tired of seeing pink---on ribbons, yogurts, teddy bears and football players---withoout seeing purple anything. I have in the past donated generously to but have begun to wonder where is my money going. My grandmother died from AD. My dad WILL die from this disease. I may have it. I highly doubt at the rate we are going that I will survive an AD diagnosis. So that leaves my children---will it really be three generations before we have a cure?? I do not deny any woman the right to fight breast cancer but can't we also fight AD? Tell someone you have a family member with breast cancer and they will tell you of someone they know who is surviving. Tell someone you have a family member with AD and they say how sorry they are and how they knew someone who died from it. It is truly frustrating.