Friday, November 26, 2010

Here is hoping that you all had a wonderful day yesterday and stayed safe. As for me I helped to expand my stature in life, I ate.

I had an interview with a journalist sometime this week that is doing a two part piece in the local paper here on me. I guess she was promted by my post of Who Speaks For Us. We discussed my anger in the posting and she cam to understand that I was not against boobs, but the fact that there really is very little media about us. We talked about how we are throw aways. I also expressed my disappointment in the Alz Org for not being more media concious. Walks are great, working quietly with lawmakers to get things moving is nice, but without hard media coverage does not help that much. NOTICE we now have a pill that will help about 70% of those who take it not to get AIDS, is that not nice for those that want same sex and needle sharing.  From about 1983 or so till now we are stopping these folks from dieing (which is great), only 25+ years to help them, of course that was media push and political movement.

But here I stand with over 5.3 million (very low estimate) with AD, and we are THE WALKING DEAD!!!! like it or not that is the plain raw simple truth, known since 1906 well what do we have, meds that may slow things for a short time then down the hill you go. Yes we with dementia are B movie actors, Zombies of the World, Night of the Walking Dead, etc. Yes I am pissed. I will stay that way and continue with your help to get us a VOICE that will not be Silenced.

Each day that butcher in my brain takes more of me, not thin tiny slices anymore but it has widened the blade and the slices arre gettting thicker. I st5umble more, lost in conversations most of the time, sit and my brain goes off somewher and leaves the body here just fixed. I believe that I am starting to have ciesures not the roll on the ground type but where my mind just flakes. It is getting harder to post, the things come to my head, but get lost before I can write them and I sit here trying to figure out why I am at the computer and just get up and walk away.Everyday living is becoming a task, simple crap just is major, the fun is leaving. I now no the rages of this disease and the loss of who people really are.
My once strong strength to concentrate so I could talk is weaking quickly and I can be pulled off subject in a second and not be able to return. Right now, I am alone and the house is quiet, so I can talk to all of you, but it has taken since about 6 this morning to put this together. This blog has become me and I guess my crusade to awaken people that we do exist and that they very well may join us shortlly unless there is such an out cry that people move, THIS IS NOT AN OLD PEOPLES DISEASE, there are those that were born the same year as me that are a cpl of years dead now from AD. I am onl 66 now, stat wise about 2-4 yeras before I get the hell out of here.

Take care of yourselves and be good to each other.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!!!

PS that goes for all those on this planet.


NewKidontheBlogg said...


We all live one day at a time and I am letting my faith in God just help me take one thing at a time.

Keep telling your loved ones and country you love them. Thanks for being an advocate for ALZ. Hope to buy your book and review it on my blog.


JUST A MOM said...

WOW JOE a good day!!??? you go Joe I want to see soemhow the result of this interview. MAN YOUR ON A ROLL I LOVE IT!

Andrea said...

I have been following you for awhile and recently purchased your book. My Dad has AD along with PTSD Your insight helps me deal with Dad who is in the early to moderate stage. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your message.
God Bless You
Andrea from Atlanta

Annie said...

Preach it Joe, preach it! Thank you for your outspokenness!