Friday, July 23, 2010

Just When You Thought-------

For the last couple weeks I have been considering not posting any longer since ther did not seem to be any response to anything I posted. Especially yelling at you my extended family for not using the tools given to you. I guesss as we move forward I will become less tolerant and more bitchy. My wife will probably say I have already made it ther.  I know I am more withdrawn and really don't care much about things, even my KOI ponds.
The book here "When Can I Go Home?", i got to read before it came out.  See Dr. Joe is a friend of mine, even though he is a Phsyciahtrist, i cann't speel, that does not make him bad. It is a pretty good book for
caregivers to read I think.

Here is why I asked so many of you to become posters on this blog:

Message = Just found your blog and it is great.  It might be a good help for me to understand my husband.  He does not talk much about what he feels and when he does he yells.  I try to listen but how do I get him to talk without being so mean?  He has alzheimer's and was only diagnosed a few years ago but it seems that he is slipping more these days.  I hope your troubles are few.  You look like a fun guy.
Forget the last sentence. I get a great deal of emails from people like this lady. I can only answer from my side. She needs help fro you guys, you can see she is drowning in a sea she does not know how to swim in. Please POST and help her. This is part of my reason for not wanting to continue to post. I feel that we as a family are failing people like this lady. My emotions control me now rather than the other way around.  Even if you do the same thing each day I am sure you do something different, maybe a minute that can help someone. I do the same thing each day, become more forgetful, angry, frustrated, pissed, fingers hurt typing all of this, my brain wanders while I am tyring to post.  If you want to be a guest blogger on my blog, send me your email address and why and I will email you the link.  Postings have to be all related to Dementia in anyform or caregibing to Dementia patients.
God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours (Help The World Too)!!


Senior Care said...

Joe, don't get discourage. I think your blogs are very informative.

Peaches said...

Because of your blog I have found other people's blogs that relate to AD. I have got to their sites and posted there for them. When I post to your site it is for you. I may not be able to post everyday but I make it a point to visit your site at least once a week. So even if we do not post to your site in response to others it doesnt mean we arent reaching out to them all the least for me, I am posting to their site.
Again, it is because of your blog that I have met via blogger others like me and others like my dad.
You blog made a difference to me and I dont think I am the only one.