Tuesday, June 01, 2010


I have been doing this blog for a number of years now. Trying to tel you what it is like on this sid of the fence. I am begining to wonder if what I am saying is getting old and has no meaning. See I belong to a group study and we have a saying, "EXPECTATIONS ARE PREMEDITATED RESENTMENTS"! I feel those resentments because I seem to get far less comments or emails. That is my proble because I am expecting something in return for my posts, really I am not entitled to any replies. This is my story with the disease and only my point of vew, such as it maybe.

I met with my shrink today and we kind of got into it and I told him you do not know what is in this world in which I live now, you are on the other side, you are one of them. I know that my progresion has been seemingly slow and I have been well contained for lack of another word. But that is only because of the brain power that I possed when this all started, I could control a lot of what was happending and hide it, I am no longer able to do that, it (AD & FTD) are doing their jobs very well now and the fox can no longer out run or manuver them. Thank goodness my friends and family are around to guide me or I would be totally lost. I do not even want to leave my house anylonger or really take part in life, I am retreating into myself where I feel safe. Whether this is part of the proscess or not I do not know, all I know is that it is happening.

Take care of yourselves.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!
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