Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Applaud The Younger

So I am late getting to this, what the hell my fingers needed to be dusted off. What follows are a couple of emails that I want to post, one with full permission, the other not so identity will be with held from that one.

My name is Jordyn and I am twenty years old studying occupational therapy.  My professor had us watch the HBO Living with Alzheimer's documentary for my class, functioning of the older adult.  I just wanted to let you know that I really respect you for opening up your life to the world and writing so freely in your blogs.  How great is it that people of all ages follow your blog!  People from 15 years old to 100 years old are reading your story and I think that is truly amazing.  Hearing you say that your life didn't matter in the great scheme of things broke my heart...I just wanted to let you know that your life does mean something and I hope to follow your blogs from now into the future.  It's a wonderful thing you're doing.  Have a great day!  


Hi Joe,

I am so excited that you e-mailed me back!  I would be honored if you posted my comment.  I actually just found out today that I was accepted into my Occupational Therapy program at Western Michigan University and I plan to work with older adults in my future career.  I hope you are your family are doing well.  I will keep you in my prayers.  Thank you so much for e-mailing me back.

Jordyn Bell
Hey Joe! 

I saw you on the Swedish Channel 2 today! I heard
you talking about your illness and I feel for you thou I am only 18
years old. I hope that you can have a wonderful life and be happy all
your waken time with your loved ones. God knows you deserve it!

Greetings from Sweden!
Dear Joe
I continue to be thankful for your help in understanding
what my dad went through as we lost him to AD. Although he no longer
knows me when he sees me, he often talks about his daughter and has
wonderful memories of our time together. Although I miss my dad
terribly it is some comfort that I was able to give him memories of
being loved and appreciated. I pray those memories of time with your
wife and family will remain. And that you will continue to find days
when you are with us all. Take care
These are emails from younger people, those that are coming up the line to care for those that will follow me and are caring. This is what keeps me posting knowing that just maybe, just maybe, we are reaching people and someday maybe just by complete accident one of these and the others in Brazil, Sweden, Chile, Argentina, Australia and other places that have writen by accident just may find out why this disease is. I am not talking a cure or a medicine that MAY SLOW things down, but what really causes this.  Then and only then will the real breakthroughs come and not before. I applaud you young folks, just for your interest not to mention the course you are setting for yourselves. I WELCOME YOU TO MY WORLD.
God Bless & Keep You and This Country of Ours!
PS. To my friend Dr. Joe, I am a dumb SOB, ask those who really know me, God Bless and Keep You my Friend.

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Peaches said...

When I did the Alz Memory Walk here in Sacramento CA that is one thing that I intended to do...reach the young people. Even when I was interviewed by the News I made sure to address the young people. I even through a fundraiser that had attendance of ages 21 to 50. You're right, young people need to know what they are facing....I am only 30 but I faced Alzheimer's at 23 and NO ONE prepared me for it. I had to teach myself and learn the red tape with health insurance all on my own. It sucks!!!