Thursday, March 04, 2010

Without Further Ado & Much Fanfare!

First thanks to all you who offered their prayers for my friends Mary & Jim. I spoke to Mary via Skype today and so far so good. Again Thank you!
Drums A Drum roll if you please!!!!!!!!!!
The old pond area, waterfall removed and relandscaped, not by me others in the house. Will be used for water plants and raising up our baby Koi that are due soon. First I have to get a male to help the preganant one.
I know you all have been waiting for the new area. Well except for getting the lighting all correct and wiring finished here it is.

Thanks for waiting and asking for the pictures, my hide away is near complete. In case you are wondering, which you have to be, where did the othjer water fall go. Well it now graces the front of the house. We also have an ornamental type pond out there.

Thank you all for beign out there for me. It is much appreciated. Now the brain is fried for the day after trying to place these pictures where they did not want to go. Thanks again!


God Bless You and This Country of Ours! Salute flag


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