Sunday, March 14, 2010

What Day Is It?

Question MarkMany of you probably find that an easy question. Well around here it is asked who knows how many times each day. Then I always ask are you sure. Of course minutes later I ask all over again. My wife smiles Bugging Out so pleasantly and reminds me one mor time. After awhile my daughter will just say Dad it doesn't matter. I guess she is right. See to me it is always someday but I am not sure which one. If I rember I will ask from now on "Is Today, Today". hopefully it will lessen some of the frustration. But first I have to remember Hmm 2 , now that is another story.

Oh well life goes on and I just keep doing whatever it is I do. Thanks for listening, stay well and be good to yourselves.

Jesus Fish God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours! United We Stand


JUST A MOM said...

Dont' feel bad Joe I ask teh SAME QUESTION just about everyday! IT IS TODAY SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT ANSWER,, I will use it!

karen said...

I forget what day it is all the time but I know you forget you ask what day it was already.Which makes is hard on you and your family. But I am glad you care what day it is and bet they are too. I think today is a good answer.