Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Relentless Killer Alhziemers.

Normally I talk about how this affects me, today I like to beg the question, "Do You Really Know How This Disease Kills?"

I suggest to many of you your real and honest answer is not really. They tell us (the know it alls), that we forget things slowly, forget to eat, bathe, etc. and then linger and die.  Well I in my limited capacity suggest to you that they are chuck full of shit. Joseph forgets none of these things, that which is Joseph. What happens really is that my brain, that finally tuned sharp as a tact organ, does the fucking up.

You see when my stomache or body sends the enzymes and nerve messages to my glorious brain that I am hungry and need to eat, the damned thing no longer understands, it now speaks a second language. My bladder and intestines scream, so it listens to my ears of course they have nothing to do with those lower class forlks and well you can guess the result. As time goes on my brain no longer recognizes smells, so who needs to bathe?

Latter I die do to liver failure (the second death). Why? Well stupid upstairs answered the wrong phone call, not the one for instructions from the liver, but the bladder. Or my heart stops, why, because Mr. genious was trying to tell me my toe hurt. Get the picture. I will physically die as others because my brain will no longer under stand it's own unique coding system to keep me functioning. NOT ME, not my doing, the grey matter will be out to lunch. As the old saying goes, THE LIGHTS ARE ON, BUT NOBODY IS HOME!

What brought this to my train of thought was The Forbidden Planet, where the robot is given a command and it's electrical signals (the brain) went into turmoil and with nothing to counter act the order it would just go kaput.  So goes our brain, kaput. A bunch of ramdom requests made by our organs that just confuse the hell out of it, so they all shut down and so does it. Process not compatible with life, THE END.

Simple stated yes, but it is that basic. Now all the brilliant ones can tell me how wrong I am, with their fancy words that when boiled down to their basic elements will be just kaput.

You see I grow weary with all the BS of how much more we understand and all the strides made. I say to you then "WHY ARE THEIR NO SURVIVORS?" It is simple you do not have the answers and are not even close. You study rats and mice, I am neither, you study dead brains (wow they can speak), mine is still alive, study mine and others like me, maybe then you may get some real answers. I do not mean your normal 100 or 200 particpatnt studies, try one of 10,000 there are more than enough of us.

You all claim that about 5.5 million people (this country only) are affected by AD in this country, I submit you are wrong. I have AD and I affect, my wife, mother-in-law, five children, physc, GP, physcologist, 7 grandchildren and about 5 friends. That is a total of 22 people affected by me. Lets say that 5.5 million onlyy affect a total of 7 each, that means that 38,500,000 people are affected. Why are we still put on the back of the bus? I wonder what the cost in $$$$$ is, billions yearly, maybe that will catch your dead ears.

Till later take care and be kind to yourselves. My brain now hurts.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours! Proud 


SkinnyBitchFlunky said...

I totally agree with you!

JUST A MOM said...

and you say your brain is shutting down THAT WAS PRETTY DARN GOOD JOE!!!!! hhahahaa have a great day!

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