Monday, December 14, 2009

New Studies - These People Are Idiots!

SmileyCentral.comYes that is my take on this. They do not have a clue to what they are doing.

NEW STUDY: Gist of the study is that those who have 5 cups or more of coffee each day can slow the onset and progression of Alhzeimer's. Now is what few cells I have left are working, I believe studies in not to distant past showed that this type of coffee consumption put you at a higher risk of Bladder Cancer. Well I guess drink the coffee, get the cancer, stop drinking the coffee and forget the cancer. Maybe I am wrong but seems to me, that spirits were part of this

Next & I Love This One: proves a point made in one of my

Salk Institute scientists in La Jolla, CA: major incredible fantanstic break through. Of course we used GENETICALLY MODIFIED MICE:so normal humans won't work in this one. The GM mice "not only lived longer, but the onset of mental decline was also delayed". Reports Andrew Dillion of the university as reported in the North County Times by Bradley J. Fikes. This gets more interesting, I love amoloyids, they do not know what they are to do. According to Dillin (A Professor at Salk), their research shows that th plaques of these toxin protiens in those of us with AD and the like: ready for this: ARE NOT THE CAUSE OF THE DISEASE. Guess allyou PHDs outhere need a brain transplant. Instead and this is a quote from the article: "Instead, the clumps of beta amyloid proteins are how cells stow away the toxic proteins where they can't do damage, Dillin said."
Well now, rest of study is to be published in the 12/11 issue of Cell. Have not gotten to it yet.

I hate to rain on a parade but these folks are all over the place. This is why I am so harsh on them. They can not get their heads unstuck from their a****.

Cannot repair brain cells from what I know. So I see no cure, and all meds may slow down the progression no solid proof they do in at least 85% of AD patients, that I have found, more like maybe 20% if at all.

This is just interesting to me. You may or may not know that many NFL players over time have donated their brains for study, after they are dead to see the affects of all the concusions and blows to the heads they take do. In the group thus far checked of those in their 30,s to 50,s that have passed, it was noticed that, all though no signs at least know showed, but these guys had brains that looked like they had some form of Dementia for YEARS. just something interesting. So you folks know that I do try to keep up as much as possible on my disease and the tinker toy ways they are working on it.

Blast me, but these folks still do not get it.

God Bless You & This Country of Ours!
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