Monday, December 07, 2009


Yes,it is Tis I. Camelot humor. It seems to me that I just posted, by my wife reminneded me that it had been over a week. Time is becoming of little meaning to me and I no longer seem to have a grasp on it. Today is raining and windy, here in Sunny So. CA, love the rain. At one time it use to charge me up when it would get stormy, now nothing. I feel things moving faster now. I sit here and have to close my eyes to concentrate on what I want to say, and damned if I can figure it out.

Yes it is the Christmas time again. I hope you have a Jolly and Peaceful one. Maybe this time you and I can find away to keep this feeling always not just

This year let us not forget for they give us the freedom to live free and enjoy our lives. They sacrifice their lives for us and should be honored.

I know I am not staying very well on ssubject, byt my thoughts are getting in a bind you could I wish the old me was here, he could at least most of the time stay on topic.

I doubt that by next year this time, I will be writing here. Hopefully my wife will take over and let you know, where mindless has gone to.


God Bless You & This Country of Ours!


kenju said...

Merry Christmas, Joe, to you and your family. I wish you well.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your posts, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Lene-Therese said...

Merry Christmas to you to! :)

Joseph J. Sivak MD said...

Hi Joe,

I love the picture at the top of your blog. I think you captured all the meaning of Christmas with it. Keep up the inspiring work.
I wish you the best and blessed Christmas ever.

karen said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family. You are the best. I look forward to all your post.
Merry Christmas !!!!!