Saturday, November 07, 2009

When Will They Get IT Right?

The so caled pros that know everyghing, you know the PHDs, the ones with the Paper Hanging Degrees, they still know Jack Squat about this disease. Ant those of you out there withit, that write your wonderful books and taught your abilities to do so, you sure are a big help. Dr. Joe (not me) runs a blog that makes my fires burn, because he knows his mom died from it and still hears all the bs of 20 years ago today, with new hair brained ideas. You want the answers here we are standing ready to show you the way, but you alas are to stupid to realize that just maybe we hold the key and the lock.

Yes I am a tadd upset, because each day we help keep them boobs healthy and 15000 less a year die (which is good), more of us are let to go by the wayside. You see my world is getting worse each day, the one in my head, the one outside of me has been really fucked for just over a year now and going to get worse. Maybe it isn't so bad that I suffer from this Disease, soon I won't give a shit about any of you, because I will not know who the hell you are.

Well it is Turkey Month, this year I give it to the Medical Profession and The Do Nothing Politicians. Uncooked, ungutted, feathers and all, you won't be able to tell the difference any how.

To those I still love and care about.

God Bless You & This Country of Ours.
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