Sunday, November 08, 2009

A Request

Many of you may not know, because the media does not care this is NATIONAL ALZHEIMER'S AWARENESS MONTH. Let your local papers know, let us see if they have the balls to say anything.

Again I ask for pictures, birth year and year of passing of loved ones that died from this damnable disease. Two of you have heard. They need to be remembered for they are the faces of Alzheimer's.

(Yes I used spell checker, so I cheated)!

If you like this blog I ask you to click on the Wellsphere voting Icon on the right and vote for it. I know that many on Wellsphere do not necessarily like it, I am not a caregiver or dr. I just suffer from the disease and try to tell how my life is deteriorating and getting worse as we move to my physical death. Yes the 7th leading cause of death. Probably if death certificates showed the real agent that caused death I am sure that it would be higher. Most to feared diagnosis so it is said, is you have Cancer and You Have Alzheimer's. Help me spread the word Please.

Till next time thanks for your thoughts and help.

God Bless You & This Country of Ours!


karen said...

I voted and great Idea on telling the local news. I will.

Scott, Judy, and Jackie said...


I do not how to contact you any other way, but I wanted to say "Thank you" for allowing HBO to include you, your family, and your horrific journey through Alzheimer's. I am an instructor at a Tech center in Oklahoma that teaches certified nursing assistants. Oklahoma State Department of Health has stated that every nursing home in the state has to provide proof that every certified nursing assistant that works in the facility has attended a 10 hour in-service on Alzheimer's. I have included the Alzheimer's Project in both my teachings. Every student has commented about you and your straight forwardness concerning your every day life. I want to let you know that I personally appreciate you and your family very much. My prayers are that you and your family can spend as much time as possible together for as long as you all can. Again, thank you for being such an inspiration to me, my students, and every single person going through this dreaded disease.

Judy Pearce, LPN

Anonymous said...

I just saw the documetary that you're participated in today, and It really touched me. I hope you're doing well, and that I can follow your blogg for a long time. :)

From Linda 31 years, from Norway.