Wednesday, October 07, 2009

With Sadness & Great Joy!

I will be posting another who has left this hell in which I live, that I call My World. Friend Arlene has pasted. I read it said of her that she lost the war but won the battle. I greatly disagree, she lost the battle but WON THE WAR. This disease takes our minds and bodies while it works, but you know the stupid bastard that it is, it winds up setting us FREE of its grip. So I ask in the final analysis, Who Wins?

I am sad that Arlenes' family has lost her vibrant character, but what joy they must also feel that she is now at peace and I believe with our Lord. I am jealous, her hell is over, mine is still going on and getting worse. Yes I can write, but I no longer can do the things I once did, my normal conversations leave some empty spaces. As I have said I have no concept of time. See I am writing now, I just got up and this is when I am at my best, few hours maybe less, well hello mindless.

I will post Arlenes picture later after I finish transfering it to my computer and stumble through the process of the posting.

Till Then.

God Bless You & This Country of Ours!


Florencia said...

Dear Joe,
I thought i'd never find your blog, but I actually did.
I was just seeing you in The Alzheimer's project, and I was quite impressed and curious of your blog.
I'm from Chile, a small country very far from yours, but I'm closer to you than you think. You see, my grandmother used to had Alzheimer, she passed away in April 2009, and believe me Joe, you are better than you think. How I wished my grandmother could have been as well as you are. She was diagnosed in 2003, so she wasn't very far from you.
I know that probbably (and I don't have a doubt about it) it's much easier to say this from my teenager point of view but: keep the faith. :)
I don't know if you care about what I'm going to tell you, but maybe you do, I'm making a lot of research about the disease for my school, I'm focusing a project we're doing on AD.
Tomorrow it's my due date for one of the assignments, I hope it goes well haha.
nothing much to say, but take care :)

greetings from chile !


karen said...

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,
Thank you for posting my mom Arlene's picture on your site, I miss her very much, but I know that she is finally happy. Now she can once again watch over me instead of me watching over her like it had been while my sister and I cared for her. By the way I love that you share the anger you have in your latest blog. It speaks the harsh reality of this crappy disease that so many suffer from. I will continue to read what you have to say.