Sunday, October 18, 2009

Freedom Rings Once More!

Thursday this disease took another from My World. You know it takes owr minds, it takes our emotions, it takes our feelings, it takes our abilities, then it takes our last breathe. But what it does not know iss that it returns it all to us and sets us FREE from its crips. Yes from the grips we snatch Victory. To you my friend Josephine, I can hear you sing your song of Freedom, see you running through the tall grasses under the blue skies. I was blessed, I got to share the big screen with you, but for a moment. Now I know you are free and it brings me hope. Annie God Loves You and so do Lynn and I.

God Bless & Keep You and This Country of Ours!!


shilohpeace said...

Dear Joe, I am an avid fan of yours and read your blog with interest as often as possible. I am sorry about Josephine and yet I love the way your picture her running through the grasses and being free from the grips.

I am curious if you believe that if you get angry about something, if anger allows you to remember things a little bit better or longer.

I hope you don't mind me asking. I wish there was a cure and i wish I could help some how. My best friend's mother is suffering from a.d. and it is not easy, as you know. i agree with you how sickening it is that our society spends time on things such as making lashes darker, putting fake plastic bags in women's bodies.. overeating and then sucking fat out..i agree that our country is distorted in its priorites, but i also feel that most people don't know where to begin and what to do.

i am going to try to look up josephine on the internet now because i watched the hbo series but i don't remember which person was josephine.

lots of love and wishes for your well being as much as possible. ruth

Annie said...

Thank you Joe. Deep down I am glad she is free too, but I'm missing her too much right now. The thought of her running through tall grasses brings peace.

colleenmc said...

You have a wonderful heart sir and I support your anger at this disease and the lack of treatments available so far. God bless you and your wife and thank you for continuing to share.

Danielle (Bills Daughter) said...

Free at last. I felt the same way when my father past. I curled up in bed with him and listened to his heart beat and then when it was gone I knew he was free of the chains and the prison of Alz. I cried for 10 mins and then I shouted to the night sky...Youre free Daddy...youre free!!!! Though I miss him terribly... I know he is better and I couldnt have a better person to watch over me.
Thank You Joe for being so open and honest with the world.