Saturday, October 10, 2009

Anger Sits With Me This Day.

Since HBO has ran and is running the documentery on AD, I have had a slew of emails from this country, Chilie, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Israel, just all over. What has gotten to me is the YOUNG PEOPLE, who have suffered the loss or are suffering a parent and a grandparent and because of this special they want to do something to help. Wow I say, and the adults in this country and around the World have sat on their asses all this time, yes even the tauted medical profession. I hear we have come along way since 1906 or 1908 whenever AD was coined. How far have we come is it in real knowledge, help, knowing the CAUSE, curing or is it just plain ass TIME? I read the studies and that contradict each other, the so called quak cures and how to stop and cure it. But yet I have not read on single word mentioning a persons name that has been cured.....
Oh let us march for a cure, bull shit. Let us first march to find the cause, no cause no cure, that is how it works. Yes these folks will do good in raising funds and maybe some awareness to help in the research on the disease. But since it does not affect your boobs, balls, prostate, colon or lungs, I guess it just does not warrant the NFL or other major playes to do anything. You know I have seen the cancer marches, heart disease, etc. and people where T-Shirts, "I AM A SURVIOR OF CANCER". Watch the walks for AD and find me a picture of just one person that has a shirt that says, 'I AM A SURVIVOR OF ALHZIEMERS OR DEMENTIA"! find it, it will not exist, we all die period. I know Iwill get hate mail and the such, but bring it on, truth stands on my side. Ask the literally 10's of millions around this World that have been affected by it having or knowing one. I do not take the other killers, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, aids, etc. lightly but boy are there a lot of people (baby boomers) in for the ride of their life, with no real help.

Straight talk from one who suffers and is declining, I hope that I enrage you enough to do something and get rid of socialized medicine it is a failure and by God, do not just take your Drs. word for what is wrong, make hin/her explain why and in detail. It is your LIFE and your BODY that is at stake.

God Bless You & Keep You & This Country of Ours!
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