Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good Morning From Nutsville!

Yes it is your on the scene reporter coming to you from his favorite City. I have not the faintist idea what is going to come of this post. I had it thought out and as usual as I type it flutters away.

My wife, Lynn the crazy one that married me, and I were talking one day, when who knows. I told her that my feelings and emotions have real problems with themselves, half the time I do not even care or love my family, other times the opposite is just as strong. I guess this wonderful companion of mine the big Dementia, is doing its job on me as it should be. Time means nothing anymore, a good deal of the past is leaving along with the supposed friends. But I think maybe it is reallly me that is leaving and not them. As Sherlock Holmes once said, I think it was him, Come On Watson The Game is A Foot. That is how i feel.

The cursor is flashing at me, like I should know what the hell it wants. I am not even sure what I want. My head hurts, my thoughts wander and the damned things do not even take me with them, that's the shits.

Well till I remember to come back.

God Bless You & This Country of Ours!!!!!
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