Sunday, June 28, 2009

From The Clouds Comes The Darkness.

Some or many of you know I quit drivnig a long time ago, by my choice because of the danger I was, then my drs. told me not too, they were a litttle behind the curve. Well now the check book has a problem, ME. so the wife has to take that ove now. See they call this MCI (mild cognetive impairment), up my ass. Come live in my brain and tell me how mild this bull is. See how you like it when you stand up turn around and do not know where the hell you are or the wall hits your face or your world spins. Get lost in the talk you are havngi. Set and stare at the computer and not know why you are looking at it. MCI explains it all. The Dr. who first coined this phrase had brain cell farts in my book and sure didn't know mild from a hole in the ground. But of course he knows it to be so, he is smart, right.

Well let me go I need to practice for Moderat Cognitive Impairment, so I don't know what the fuck or what the hell I am doing. That should be fun.

All you caregivers remember MCI and see how you think of it. Your thoughts much welcomed. By the way you Drs. and Holistic nits that send me your causes and cures go away, I have checked out studies and they do not work. Some provide a year or so of added time, then the person is right where they should have been, big service you do. Yes, I was told how herpes causes AD and then had an advertisement at the end of the email for vits and herbs to help cure and slow down. I guess I must really come across as a moron and totaly stupid. But this posts are getting harder and I am getting more, well less friendly and tired.

God Bless,
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