Monday, April 20, 2009

speaking my mind????

The littttle one is my one granddaughter Lillian. You know I am finding it more and more diffficult to maintain images in my mind of those I once knew and loved and even those that I care about and love now. A feeling of urgency is starting to take hold in my life. What it means I do not know. All final arragnements have been made and paid for, so that is not a concern any longer. I do not want to be around people much anymore, it is gettinng harder to tolerate them, I am sure I am no prize either now, probably neverr was. At first I told this disease of mine, that you may win, but you will know you have been in one hell of a fricken fight. Seems I am the one with the wounds and they don't heal or go away. Well soo much for my rambling.

God Bless You & This Country of Ours!

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LovingGrand said...

Joe, it's not such a small world after all as I found you and I am listening, please keep speaking your mind - all words count. I like your blog and your granddaughter is darling. Check out mine at I'm also on Twitter, following you. Take care and Bless You & Yours! Terrilee