Thursday, December 04, 2008

Lack of Feed Back!

I use to get many more emails and comments on my postings, with over 12,000 visitors I brain thinks I would hear more. I guess maybe of late I have tried to show too much humor and people want the gore. Well the humor is howw I keepp my self together. Without it thiss life would be darn near unbearabel. I is no fun trust me sitting here tryiing to write to you and tell you that the wolrd really sucks.I does not get out of my head to the keyboard when I want it to. Tihngs do not get better here, they just slowly go down hill. I read all the new studiies and new stuff to try and I really laugh at this so calllled professionals. They all contradict each other, I wonder if they are not suffers as well. March to stamp out Alhzeimers, RIGHT! Asses don't even know what really causes it to start wity, great progress in over 100 years. I am not thrilled with having AD & FTD, but that is the way it is period. You should try it some day, look at people you have been with for 30+ years and not even know who they are, let alone what the hell they are talking about. Damn most of the time I am not sure what I am saying or trying to say. Well old ½ of brain cell here will say good bye for now. Be good to yourselves.

God Bless You and This Country of Ours!
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