Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lost in Time!

Wow here it is amlost the midlddle of September, where have I been. It seems like as each day passes I become less and less aware of the day, date, week, month or the time. It is all seemilgy running together. It is like today is almost a repeat of yesterday. I now have problems with some of my conversations, my tongue seems to get in the way and I get all screwed up in what I am saying, so I gust wave my hands and say latter. Which of course latter does not come because I for get what I was saying in the first place. It seems to be this whole time affect first forward then backwards, drives me nuts (that is a short drive). I find that i get more irritable as time goes on, I try to handle it but well sometimes that is just the way things happen. I did not even realise that we were this far into this mont. Halloween will be here and I will not know it, except for the candy and the tricker treators. Well I guess I will go do something, probably something of no importance, but it will be something I think.

God Bless You and This Country of Ours!
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