Monday, August 25, 2008

My Life Today

Lately i have not told how I feel and what is happening. So, I feel like shit, the affects of this disease are catching up. I cannot be out walking and such for more than ½ hour or I feel like I am about to leave this pldace. I find converstions more and more difficult, unless I am truly angry or extremely focused on one point. Any distratction and I am lost.It is difclut I know for others to understand how hard it can be to hold a conversation, they are draining and hurt. My trembling is worse, my head spins when I turn in, hitting the ground is quiet annoying and becoming uncofortbale. Forgetting in the midle of something I am doing really ticks me off to know end, because I cannot get back to where I was, it is just plain gone. I just hope this blog helps someone.

God Bless You and This Country of Ours!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joe....boy do I understand! lol
You know I got myself a fantastic walker/rollator no more falling down! You need to check it out....I call it my Hummer! It has 10" I can walk safely on the beach, through the woods, and all over our campground! And a seat for when I get tired out! Hang in there Joe...and love your writings.