Monday, July 14, 2008

Home Improvement Projects I Think Not

I have beeen one of those do it yourselfers, but those days are ending. Power tools and I are starting to have a new understanding. You don't pick me up, I will not hurt you. Helped the Mrs. put up new blinds in my sons room over the weekend. Those of you that live in earthquaaaake land will understand. There was a 7.2 quake going on inside me as I shook, rattled and tried to fall out the window. All this for standing up to put in a total of 10 screws. Getting to hard to handle that many even one doesnot work. I think I lost 30 pounds in sweat in the process. The time was I could paint a straight line with no guide between walls and cieling. Now we have highways with bends in them. Forget trying to mortar cracks they stick out like mountains, the crack is better.I guess this all goes with the AD and FTD. Once had pride in my handy work, now 5 year olds can do just as well. But I can still vaccuum so there. The towels get done as long as I remember to turn them on and change from washer to dryer and take them out, now that can take as long as 12 hours.. I go visiting a lot and I am not sure where it is that I go. I try to keep this light, but it is not any fun. If I get too awraped up in it I am to much to handle even for myself. But I knew that this road was to get tougher and rockier and it has not wasted much time. Well till next time.

God Bless You and This Country of Ours!

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