Wednesday, July 09, 2008

God Does Still Does Miracles

Some of you may recall me talking about my friend Dirty Butter, real name Rosemary. A link to her page is on the side of my blog. This daer lady was given a diagnosis of Parkinsons and some other neuro disease back 2006 or so. See they, the doctors heard houff beats and immediately saw horses and not the zebra that was in the heard. Well things progress and finally someone really takes a look at this strange looking horse and after testing and thinking and checking finds that DB does not have Parkinson's afret all but:

Essential myoclonus occurs in the absence of epilepsy or other apparent abnormalities in the brain or nerves. It can occur randomly in people with no family history, but it also can appear among members of the same family, indicating that it sometimes may be an inherited disorder. Essential myoclonus tends to be stable without increasing in severity over time. Some scientists speculate that some forms of essential myoclonus may be a type of epilepsy with no known cause. (this was cut and pasted from dictionary).

This is treatable with med, probably will not be cured but her life is becoming beter each day and will continue to. The jerks, twitches, spasms and the like are supsiding. I cannot tell you how much joy my heart is filled with for her. God loves her and so do I.

God Bless You and This Country of Ours!

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