Monday, June 02, 2008


Those are my five pride and joys, my grandchildren. Number six is on the way. Wanted to share them with you. They are Lillian, Chase, Emma, Kobe and Malek.

Ayou know from time to time I share comments and emails I get with you. That is part of what this blog is about. My telling of my World and your response from within it or the otherside. Such is the following comment I received:

"You are very brave Joe. As a volunteer at the Alzheimer's Services of the East Bay day care center in Berkeley I have made many wonderful friends. I will always remember the lady of few words who, one day, as we were holding hands, said "I am free now"

I wonder if, I think so, this caretaker realizes the blessing God bestowed that day on the two of them. First The lady realized that the journey into darkness, frustration, aggrevation, not knowing and the fog finally for her was over and a new lite was in her life. Second he got to be there for the granting of Gods' blessing to this lady. To say I am nott jealous of them would be an outright lie. MY wife has gotten to witness things since she was off work for six weeks, with me.I think she and others of you outhere can understand how this lady finally felt and the day I look forward to. Till theen I will stumble along talk to you and respond when I remember to. Brave my friend I do not think so, scared and bewilder yes. I just feel others need to here this side of the story direct. It is different for each of us that is why it is so difficult to pin point. Thier are some things I still can do and others that baffle the crap out of me. I do not walk well, I hear different words in conversations, I don't even know when I am being talked to at times. I built a small paver patio out front, of course my hands and fingers hurt because they were to stupid to get out of the way of the mallet I was using to tapp the brikcs down with into place. My darling wife has informed med that more and more of my comments in public are not in good taste and I do not use my quiet voice when saying them. Well that is just the way it is for now, exciting times to come.

God Bless You and This Country of Ours!
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