Friday, June 06, 2008

A Day of Anger

I do not know who did this sketch but it stirs my insides greatly.

This day or at least my brain and emotions ar on the rampage. Everything in pissing me off even this blog. Nobody has don anthing to me, I just am not in any type of control of myself this day.I kind of remember reding that these things would become paart of my life, and they suck. I was vacuuming the rugs downstatirs this morning and attacking them as if they were my enemies, my mind is filled with mud I think, no control . Good thing I am alone right now I think I would hit someone if the said the wrong thing, maybe this post will help who knows. All I know is I want to go home and be in green pastures with my Lords' creatures to romp and play. My mind, heart and soul are heavy this day and they should not be. I nolonger take Aricept or Namenda at doctors orders, because they did nothing for me and people I talk to with this disease seem to vary from them miraculously being sharp as ever to having such reaactions they almost died, great shit isn't it. Maybe it will or won't help and it just might kill you, great choice. I am even angry at my family, wife and all, and they have done nothing. I don't feel that they really understand the hell in my head and insides, I try to control it but of late the amountt of time I can seeems to be growing shorter maybe some so9da will help.

God Bless You and This Country of Ours!
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