Friday, May 02, 2008

New Technology for The Eye

Do you suffer from myopia (near-sightedness), hyperopia (long-sightedness), presbyopia, astigmatism, computer vision syndrome or cataracts? Well now that is quite a question isn't it? I am using spell checker (as you know it is something I do not do). I was approached by a site to view their site and give my opinion of the site and I would presume the product. They think I have a unique writting style, poor souls. Well what follows is my view only and not an endorsement of the product, remember that.

Pinhole-glasses are glasses that have laser (precised) cut holes in them on what appears to be a non clear plastic. Could be wrong there. You need to know that these glasses are for stationary use only. Bull riding, cow punching, climbing Mt. Everest or driving the Indy 500 are out. They are made for those folks who suffer from the question I started with, which is directly from their web site. The site makes a valiant attempt at describing the conditions and how their product works. It is pretty simple and straight forward. Even I understood most of it, of course it took me a number of hours reading it to get through it. But that was so I could write this and be fair to them. On awhole I think the product sounds good and probably, if the claims are accurate, benefit people like me who have 2000 pairs of classes because their eyes are worth not a heck of alot. See I am far, near, close and every which way sighted. Blind in one eye and cannot see out of the other. So how can I type this if I cannot see, blessed with powers beyond your belief, I look at the keys while I type.

The site is easy to manuever through and not trying to sell SNAKE OIL for 19.95 + if you order right now you get twice the amount, but wait I am not through, you order in the next 10 minutes we will add these special 10 scrubbing pads, breathing mask and Dr. Watchmacall its' famous toe remedy. I would preferr the site to be more colorfull, but you see I live in a world of color, no white walls in my house buddy (they would blend in and I would walk into them).

Check the site out let them know what you think. In fact let me know. You can leave comments right on this post (the best way) or use the email form on the side, which I never publish what is said in it. I have not bought a pair, not sure I will, and if I should, I would tell you exactly what I think of them. Good, bad or otherwise.

Well my brain hurts and I have had a few bad days so I will say goodbye for the day and when I remember I will return.

God Bless You and Our Country!

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