Friday, May 09, 2008

Crossing The Line

Some of you may have read in other entries of mine of that line that those thaat live is this World of Mine cross. Itt is that point where you cease to be who and what you are and become another entity, if you do not physicallly pass on. Yes they say this is gradual and can take many years, true but sure, it can happen in a day. Here today gone tomorrow. I have over the years since joining this ever growing community of those with dementia have seen it take place just that way. One instance my wife told me of a fellow at one of the sites she works at who has been reading my blog and hopefully gainnned some insight and comfort that he was faultless. HIs mother was fine the one day and the very next (24 hours later), knew crap, nota and required suddenly 24 hour care. So many I have communicated with that suffer have had this take place with them, because I speak (this form) with their loved ones and caregiverss and they tell me of this suddeness. What say you perverers of great wisdom and knowledge, what is that "Duh". MY own life is growing shadowier, forgetting we said grace at dinner, turning on this beast, conversations in the middle of them, physically becoming a poster child for damage of the year or how to screw up your body in one simple lesson. My time is coming when ?????? but it is on its' way. I have told my family the day will come as long as I have any ability to think as who I am, that I will kiss them all and say goodbye and be gone. I believe I have the right to passon with some of me in tact and with some dignity. I refuse to have my family see me lying with my face in my food, as I have seen from working in Assisted living homes when doing computers. Looking into the trap souls of those folks through their eyes made my decision along time ago shoulod I ever be blessed with this disease. There is no cure and most likely will not be one, until they whoever they are talk to US and really learn. For their knowledge of the brain fits in the head of a pin. Bye for now until next time be good to yourselves.

God Bless You and This Country!
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