Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Tiredness of This Week

When you reach your 40's you no loger have operations, you have a procedure. So my prime caregive had a procedure, yesterday. That would be my wife of 30 years, I slept little Sunday and Monday nights, Tuesday I was up I think aroun 4 AM waiting for my love to wake so we could start this day. I spent the day at the hospital, my daughter got me home areound 7pm. Needless to say I had a hard time tolleerating my grandchildren although they we just being kids. I was alone, my wife was not with me and that meant a night without her by my side. I am still up waiting to hear when she is coming home. The procd. went a ok. But that is not the issue she helps keep me balanaced and keeps me calmed down. Right now I am lost in my World wilhout her I fricken hate this crap. When I am babbling she understands me somehow, because I sure don't. These days do not help this wonder piece of a brain that I have nor my emotions or tolerancee. I almost wish I would cross the line and no longer feel this way or my Lord would just take me home. I have almost died several times in my life because I am so mentally solid, but neither he or the devil have wanted me, that makes a person feel pretty unloved and unwanted, when neitherr of them think your good enough to go live with them. I am just babbling and have lost where I am at so to all:

God Bless
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