Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Early Signs Differ

I have been asked whaat did I notice in the beginning that made me think something was wrong. On the side of my blog are places to go for the medical signs. However no two persons are alike. My Physciatrist and I talked ablut this he his opion, which to me makes sense, it takes so long to determine because it depends where you start. In other words how much grey matter do you have to statr with and have deminish. I noticed around 50, that multi tasking for me was starting to be confusing. I was able, to handle 10 projects at a time without notes and jump from one to the other and back again and never miss a beat. I was in the computer field (the beast of humanity). I started to have to pause to remember and even take notes, something I did not do, I would forget my pen, my glasses, what day it was, peoples names, stand up to do sommething and sit down again because I forgot. Eeach of these things in and of themselves is no big deal. But once I started to connect the dots, you know that old kids game where you go from one dot to another and a pickure forms, these things were happening daily and more and more often, I still functioned and got my job done, but I knew something was happening. Doctors or you are depressed, absent minded, forgetful, to much anxiety, all of a Sudden, no trauma had taken place. Things progressed slowly, but I could feel that my once active mind was slowing down and not because I was growing older. Talking to the text book guys was not helping. Finally after several years of pushing and refusing the bs answers my physcologist started to believe as I did that some form of dementia was occuring, because of my memory losses, inability to do things in minutes that now took me hours to days to do, because I forgot how. His dad had Alhziemers and he started and was the first to believe this was taking place with me. My Physc was not sure but felt that some form of dementia was occuring. My physician just plain ass was not sure, because I could still hold a conversation. Finally one day talking to him with my wife, the lights went on in his head there was something wrong because he was finally paying attention to the trouble I was having talking with him. We had done MRIs and EECs and Cat Scans, with no result, so he ordered a Pet Scan. Low and behold, his words get to a neurologist I can not help you, well none of them had been able to either. Armed with history at the PS, the new neurologist confirmed that I had Frontal Temporal Lobe Dementia along with inconsistent consistencies of Alzheimers (good one). so here I site be inconsistent and whatever else I am. All I know is that you need to look at the whole picture and stand firm and make your physicians or whatever explain why not and why something else and if their treatmenst do not work move on and kick down as many doors as needed until someone listens and starts to did. NOtes help and having someone with you that has known you for a time that can see the differences and help explaim them will help. Thankfully I have a wife that is stuborn as I am and keeps going until the truth is found. You may not like what you find but you have the right to know. I am not only having greater trouble with the grey matter but the physical affects are starting to settle in. Well you all behave and God watch over you.
God Bless
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