Monday, February 25, 2008

A Couple Of Days To Remember

Well the last coupleki days have ben interestingl have been working with some very peststy people from HBO in the process of making a documentary on folks like us with dementia. I imagine that they willl call ita show on Alszheimers, I hope the y call a documentery on dementia, since there are two many forms and they are different and people think AD is transmittable.It hwas been a strain to say the least, buth they are actually very nice folks, but we cannot let themmm no that. It is hard to tell folks what it is like, little easier to write it, because you cannot seem me or me se you. I do not know what will happen with it if anything but it has been an experiencer, they could have at least left their one crew member here. We hared some real tense moments and some very enjoyable ones. They honored our table by having a turkey dinnner with us, which makes us feel good inside. But they did not eat any of the fat raid we wnt on. Theat means goodies.. WEllso mouch for now may be back soon.

God Bless You and the Country of Ours

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