Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Well Another Day

Had annual physical two weeeks ago, funny thing they say my lungs are ok, but two years ago x-rays said had emphazema, I questioned how that could be, I am not the brightest light bulb in the pack, but I do know that shit does not go away it works till it kills you. So it appears after I had the doc (himself) look at the xrays and not take the radiologists word for things, the original x-rays were so bad he could not make any kind of a diagnosis, but the current ones are good. Two years on meds that I did not need because some idiot cannot do their job right. So to help with the old brain, we had a PET Scan and it shows that half of my frontal lobes are, well in Peru. That means the rest will follow. Have read some recent studies that AD is thought to start as other dementias in the frontal lobes. WEll we are off to see one of the two best neurologists in the state on 9/4, that ought to be fun. Can hardly wait for this diagnosis. All I know for sure is my life is slowly disapating and I get lost in a world I do not know where and my youngest now tells me I am mixing of the sexes when I talk hes are shes and so on. Life is still ok I am breathing, I can still do that right at least.
God Bless You and this Country of Ours!
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