Monday, July 23, 2007

Well Today Is Monday

The staart of another week at home with most everyone gone. My brain must be cleuless at 62 and a half I am digging out juniper bushes and leveling the ground to build a wall. Most I can handle is an hour or so. Body stops and brains quits. Not to smart theses days. I get a PET scan sometime this week I think. Had lungs and coratic ateries checked, called me today and said everything is ok there. Sounds other then normal aging aches and pains, physically I am ok. Upstaitts is a difereent story.It is peaceful and quite in the house right now and I am alone and really like it. My brain isn't really doing anything either. Been closing up my on line businesses, one left to go, in fight with credit chard companies and FTC over all of this but what the heck. It helps my my mind hold on to somethinging rather then going off to whereeever it goes. Half my doctors believe it is Alzheimers especially the one who lost his father to it, the others say maybe but you do not fit in theis fricken box. Askw what the heck is wrong and well you might as well look a a wall for nothing comes back nor is ist said. Well heaven doesn't want me, the devil could care less and death turns a cold shoulder, what is a guy to do. so much for the pitty me side to day. May your life be filled with love, happiness, health and peace.

God Bless,

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Elanor said...

Hi Joe,

how are you going? any results yet from the tests? It must be every frustrating to be getting different opinions from the drs.