Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Where Am I?????

This is a question that I was always asking myself and slooowly seem not to anymore. I does not seem to matter. I fall and stumble more and it bothers others, but it is like I almost don't notice it or it is gone from my mind in seconds. I sit and stare at this beast of humanity and family think I am dooing somthing, but reallly I do not have the faintist idea what is going on. It is becoming more difficult for me tho pull my mental tissue together to focus on what I am doing or talking about. Blankness is becoming more normal to me. Dr. has increased meds to help, I take more vitamins. Physically Ifeel fine, but the head and body seem to not like each other anymore, go in different directions. Look at new reasearch and they say it is promising, but dig furher and find reasearch that says the opposite. It seems no one is talking with those of us with AD on a daily basis to really see what happens. There are 100s like me that have blogs and websites, that try to tell the world what we are like and the tortures that take place in our brains. But unless you are drulling at the mouth, pissing in your closthes, not eating at all, wearing the saame clothers for months and need nearly 24 hour care, you cannot possibly have this disease and should not beaware of what is happening to you. News People, we know. Ask Nancy Regan about our President Ronald and listen to her and what she and him together went throug. Some of us hang on, because of physical condition others go quickly, we don't know where our own step over the edge point is. Try living that way and see how you feeeel.

God Bless You and This Country of Ours!
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