Thursday, March 01, 2007

Back Home Again

Well we are back from Washingto and things are getting to normal. Still forgetting who the heck I am talking to and not able to remembeer conversations. But life goes on each day a little less than the last one, but I can still commmmmunicate to some degree with others. Seem to P$#@ off alot of people more than usual. But that is their problem. They do not know what the corrrridors of my mind are like. I really cannot explain it to them. I know it is hard for them, but it sure is not easy on this side of the fence. Thre grass is not green it is getting brown. I have becomee somewhat disencahanted with those taughting how wonderful they are with this disease. And they can write books and their blogs are art this point or another. I sometimes think the have there heads ups their ass. I had to have mine surgicallly removed, to see the light of day. They write so eloquantly and do not show others how this disease and other forms of dementia really are. It is know wonder peopel and practioners just do not get it. I am real, I profess no secret knowledge of this disease, all I know is i suffer its relentless ravages. Imagine sitting accross from your family as they talke to you and you have no idea who the hell the are or what they are saying. That is the reality of it. Yes I can recall days gone by, but yesterday or this morning forget it. Enough from me this day.

God Bless You All and This Great Country of Ours!
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