Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sometime Since Last Post

I have been awya for ahwile but here I am again. Have been in a days and hve been answering email comming out the old, well you know. Life is getting a little hareder each day. Spelling stinks, but this is how the disease affects me at least. If you see wohm I really am, you may begain to understand how my life, what I use to know of it, slips away litlle by little each day. I see the frustration and confusiooon and pain in my falyms eyse and how they trey ther best to bollster me up. It is difficult to relate to someone without this damn disease what it is really lkie as it progresses. A big word. One time a knew a great deal of them and even new how to spel and what they meant. I am looking forward to running a series on Parkinsons for my very dear friedn Dirty Butter, don't you just love the name, she has Parkinsons. Also am considering getting an ebook site and try and I mean try to write my story from the start, not in a chatper way, but as a conversation between me and the person who reads it, if anyone. Well the day is getting harder and less clear so time to go.

God Bless You and This County of Ours!


Dirty Butter said...

Hving dealt with it twice as a care giver, plus known several people with it at church, I can tell you that no two people act the same with Alzheimer's. If you've seen one Alzheimer's patient --- you've seen one Alzheimer's patient.

I think I do know just a little of what your'e going through Joe, if that helps any.

Dirty Butter said...

Thinking of you this morning, Joe. I hope you have a clear day today, and not a foggy one.