Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Final Two Stages 6 & 7

Before I begin I want to wish you all the Happiest of Holiday Season and a Great New Year.

Stage 6:
Severe Cognitive Decline
(Moderately severe or mid-stage Alzheimer's disease)
Memory difficulties continue to worsen, significant personality changes may emerge and affected individuals need extensive help with customary daily activities. With this stage, individuals may:
1: Lose most awareness of recent experiences and events as well as of their surroundings.
2: Recollect their personal history imperfectly, although they generally recall their own name.
3: Occasionally forget the name of their spouse or primary caregiver but generally can distinguish familiar from unfamiliar faces.
4: Need help getting dressed properly; without supervision, may make such errors as putting pajamas over daytime clothes or shoes on wrong feet.
5: Experience disruption of their normal sleep and waking cycle.
6: Need help with handling details of toileting (flushing toilet, wiping and disposing of tissue properly).
7: Have increasing episodes of urinary or fecal incontinence.
8: Experience significant personality changes and behavioral symptoms, including suspiciousness and delusions ( for example, believing that their caregiver or spouse or family are impostors); hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that are not really there); or compulsive, repetitive behaviors such as hand-wringing or tissue shredding.
9: Tender to wander and become lost.

Stage 7:
Very Severe Cognitive Decline
(Severe or late-stage Alzheimer's Disease)
This is the final stage of the disease when individuals lose the ability to respond to their environment, the ability to speak and, ultimately, the ability to control movement.
1: Frequently individuals lose their capacity for recognizable speech, although words or phrases may occasionally be uttered.
2: Individuals need help with eating and toileting and there is general incontinence of urine ( most health care issues are problematic).
3: Individuals lose the ability to walk without assistance, then the ability to sit without support, the ability to smile, and the ability to hold their head up. Reflexes become abnormal and muscles grow rigid. Swallowing is impaired.

Generally by this time many are put in nursing homes and the like because family's cannot deal with or want to deal with the person. Many people with Alzheimer's die from infection, this disease kills. One of the problems is it can take fro2-3 years to 20 years for all of this to happen. How would you like to live like this it is estimated that over 4.5 million Americans do, I believe that number is higher because we are often diagnosed as just being depressed and cannot get through to others what is really happening to us inside. Many times until meds won't help us at all. Watch those you love, even people as young as 20, 30, 40 more now in the 50's not only 65 and older are being diagnosed. There is no cure at this time. Researchers are working, but looking at so many things, I personally wonder if they are on the right track. As much as is known about the brain, they know more about the moon than the brain. Right now the only confirmation is opening the BRAIN after death.

So be patient with us and try to understand, I hope these blogs and articles have brought you some in site into our world, remember we once lived in yours.

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God Bless You and This Great Country of Ours

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