Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Do Alzheimer's Patients need Assisted Living?

A reader by the name of Katherine asked the following question: Do Alzheimer's Patients really needs Assisted Living?

Katherine, YES  some really do need to be in Assisted Living Facilities.  Reason, because they need special medical needs, they are not able to navagate the home, the home caregivers are not emotionally, physically or finiancially able to handle the sufferer. Not all need these facilities but many do and a caregiver  generally family should not feel guilty for having them admitted to such a facility.  Your purpose as a caregiver or loved one of the Alzheimer's patient is to give or get them the best care possible, PERIOD.

God Bless and Keep You and This Country of Ours!


CL said...

I concur. That deterioration of mental ability would inevitably have an effect on physical motor skills and awareness in general.

Minnesota Assisted Living said...

Good information!

better Choice said...

I should say that yes, they would need assisted living. It will help them be given the best care they need. I also once was searching for a facility that can take care of my grandma with Alzheimer's; good thing I came across a site which offers free referral to quality facilities. you may check their video here: