Thursday, April 06, 2017

Alzheimer's Links

Well here I am again finally, have been going to make this post for a couple of months. I start and the old brain just stops.  Thinks are getting not to be much fun anymore, but that is to be expected.  This is a series of emails I have received in recent months.  I am posting them this way, because it is to much for me to post each of them under resources.  Test the links at your own risk and bookmark those that are of interest to you and most helpfull.


My favorite aunt was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, and it’s sent my family into a whirlwind. I think part of what’s been so tough is that with the abundance of information on the internet, it’s tricky to separate the credible resources from the speculative, and the productive from the grim.
Luckily, research is my specialty! I’ve been gathering some wonderful resources that will help my family stay educated as the condition progresses without keeping them up at night with worry. I think they will also be helpful to many in your audience, especially if you add them here:
Parent’s Guide: Helping Children & Teens Understand Alzheimer’s
Preparing Your Home for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s: A Caregiver’s Guide
Another World: People With Alzheimer’s Share Their Perspectives
Alzheimer’s Aggression: Causes & Management
Guide to Addiction Prevention for Seniors
Dementia Assistance Dogs
Caring for the Alzheimer’s Caregiver
Helping Alzheimer’s Sufferers Cope with the Loss of a Loved One: A Guide for Caregivers
Learning to cope with and manage Alzheimer’s requires the facts, but not the fear!
Senior Health Resources
Boomer's Roadmap to Aging in Place
Guide to Senior Nutrition
Moving Tips for Seniors
Financial Resources for Seniors
Veterans Benefits for Seniors
Legal Planning for Alzheimer's and Dementia


Lately I’ve been devoting my focus to senior health — especially since only 28-34% of Americans aged 65-74 are physically active.

I’ve had the opportunity to speak with some of the elders in my community, and they said although they do want more physical activity, they feel limited in their options. Fortunately, inspiring others to get on their feet is my specialty! I’ve gathered some terrific resources on ways for seniors to lead happier, more active lives, but I need your help distributing them. What do you say — how about here:

Here’s to happier senior living — because they truly are the golden years!

Thanks for your time,

I saw your website and it was quite helpful.  Thanks!  I'm Linda from Senior Care Helper  We're building a site as a resource for Seniors and their families. 
I thought I'd pass along a few other sites I found useful so maybe your readers might also benefit.
Thank you again.
Linda Johnson
Message = Hi!

I'm reaching out because I've created a Dementia Caregiving post that you might find useful. It’s about the challenges of taking care of someone with Dementia, how the condition redefines marriage, the importance of self-care, emotions like exhaustion and frustrations are valid emotions and other issues that need immediate discussion and resolution.

Let me know what you think of this idea.

If you find it share-able, would you mind sharing it with your audience?

All the best,

Samantha Stein

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!


Christian Baluyut said...

Diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment due to Alzheimer’s? OR Diagnosed with mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s disease?The study involves several visits, including 4 screening visits, 1 inpatient stay of 5 days/4 nights in our clinic, and 10 outpatient visits.

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Leigh Schneider said...

For those people who's relative are Alzheimer’s Disease sufferer and maybe reading this, I find it hard that people are still ignorant of herbal medicine when it comes to treating Alzheimer’s Disease.
I have been through many phases over the last couple of years since my father's diagnosis, he was 53 years old and had Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease and his diagnosis changed my life in many ways, I spend most of the time in denial and I keep thinking the tests were wrong. But deep down I knew they were correct. Though sharing his story is very difficult. He was always very successful in being able to accomplish anything he set his mind on doing. Alzheimer’s is a bitch of a disease. It began by robbing his recent memory, but it didn't stop there. It continues to steal, taking the most recent memories until it has pilfered all but the oldest memories, he experienced a decline in his ability to think, remember and make decisions. I feel a need to express my thoughts and feelings about how it affected his day to day living and how its deteriorated since despite the help of some wonderful medics and medicine.
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