Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Many Friends and I cannot Remember Them!

I have met so many people since I started this blog, and i am lucky if I can tell you five of them. There is Carol, who for some reason thinks i know what I am talking about. Dr. Joe Sivak who has gone on to greater fame and forgotten us little folks, i know doc i am a pain in the ass. My friends Mary and Jim who live in canada. I know there are many ofthers my email list shows it. Hey you old Navy guy Dr. Gordon, I still know you.

The last week or more has been a real doosey for me. I have ussed the old brain cell way tooooo much and gotten exhausted, shaky, a bit lost in time. I helped a friend redo his computer after it was totallly infected and that took a couple of days to retreive everything for him and my head hurt and i felt like a zombie. Tax season, somebody shoot me. Then I put Windows 8 onn my machine, nice program. But I did a refresh without finding out what that really was, my thoughts and its thoughts just did not agree. It cleaned my machine and I had to re-install almost all of my programs, in the process I signed up for stuff that my wife had to get me out of, I have been a mess, I do not even understand the notes that I have made so I do not forget, toooo much fog and dust up in the old brain.

I guess I should keep it simple but I have that inner pit bull in me that does not want to let go even though I am not winning at fixing and doing things. This disease Alzheimer's and the FTD, they hit hard when they punch back, a lot harder than I can. Wanted to let you all know for better or worse I still am being a pain in the ass to those around me, just doing my job.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!

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Carol Noren Johnson said...

LOL. I am the one who thinks you know what you are talking about. You do! I learn from you as my husband also goes through this disease. I think your brain compensates for the fog by your working on the computer with other brilliant brain cells. So what if you mess something up and your wife comes along side of you and gets you out of what you signed up for! That's what we wives are for. I often don't make sense to him and have to find another way to communicate. He has a daily sheet to check things off on that tells him where I will be for the day. Unlike you my hubby doesn't get on the computer any more at all. My hubby has to ask me who people are also, and the other day he was fishing for the word "shoe".

Joe, we all are grateful for your plugging along and being brilliant enough to write about it.

Hugs and prayers,
Carol who believes in you