Wednesday, July 04, 2012

A week gone & Happy 4th to All.

I am glad that last week has past, the crashing out of bed, 8.5 hours at the hospital on sunday. Monday got to relax, the tuesday spent  2 hours iat the dentist, proded and poked and xrayed and open and shut measure this and that, looking into a apnea device for my mouht the mask and i do not get along at all. Then wednesday, good old phychiatrist, they are so non commital and say keep doing what you doing, well i do not want to. Dieing sucks, not knowing what day it is anymore sucks, forgetting where the day went sucks, life sucks so there. Then spent hour and a half at the eye doctors, how wonderful, pull this lid then that one blind me with this light agnd then the next put drops is to measure pressure i guess, that process was met with a bit of resistence, you do not touch my eyes. Then we put all types of drops in them so I can no longer see shit and they take pictures of them. Finally the Doctor arrives and he fuckin blinds me with lights. We discuss a cataract that is in the left eye, he suggested to leave it for now and not operate, smartest thing i heard all week.  But need new glasses.

This week comes and somehow some way a sctrewed up my back and need my brace to move and my scooter to get atround. I know it ends sometime, but when is that time. i forgot what i was going to say.
Oh well take care.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours - Especially OUR TROOPS.


Harrison 9 said...

Joe, I love how you "keep it real"...your week sounds exhausting! My dear Daddy left us quickly on June 18th. And so I have gladly moved into their apartment to care for Momma(ALZ)...I go into my BIG house a few times a day. Thankful my youngest is 13. All of my 7 young people are pitching in more than usual to help me with Mom. It helps me to see Alz from your side of the world. Keep writing for us as only you can! God bless your day...and slow down a bit. Our love and prayers, the Harrison gang at Sonshine Acres

Anonymous said...

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Cathy said...

Hi Joe,

First, Thank you so much for sharing! I made a career change in 2009 after both my parents had passed and my grandmother went into a nursing home. I am now a certified nurse aide going for my RN at the ripe old age of 50. I just recently changed jobs to an assisted living facility and will be on the dementia unit. I am so looking forward because of my history with my grandmom. The stages it brings aren't okay, but I will handle it and help those going thru it do the same. I thank you for agreeing to do the HBO special; it was during orientation that this film was shown and I learned about you. I want to learn and feel as much as I can about this so that I can help in the best possible way. I'm so glad you have your family around you and in one of your posts you stated how you don't see your friends much. You have to deal with this, they choose or are unable to without being sad. They still love you I'm sure and wish they could be stronger for you. Always keeping you in my prayers and thanking you for all of your experiences.
Cathy Foley

JUST A MOM said...