Saturday, November 12, 2011

Have not written you all in awhile!

Yes i am still here, unfortunately. We now use pad on the bed, you know that song Old Man River he just keeps rolling on, well he does we and where he decideds to.Most of my momments are fuzzy now and fewer and fewer clear days. One of our family (this means all of you) recently lost there love one to Alzheimer's. I am still waiting for a picture name and birth date and date set free to post on memory page.  I guess it maybe to hard, believe she has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's or som form of dementia just recently what a bitch life can be. Well i guess it is what it is. Have read some new studies that contradict the last 100+ years of the possible cause of Alzheimers. I need to post them for you all. They kind of boost my ego what is ledft of it showing what my doctor and i felt was right that they had the wrong path basically. Problem is I sit down to do thes things and forget why I am at my computer.My days consist of very little since i do not leave the house oftern and I sit down and the next thing you know i am waking pup hours later, i cn not control it I fall asleep while talkin even. Ihave held my own for sometime nowbut the disease is doing its job and catchin me pretty fast now.

I am no longer sending emails to people who could help raise our voice and face to the public, they just do not care my feelings, i get back auto reply emails, wel when it strikes home I guess they will be some of the loudesss to yell, and never look back at the chance they had to hep raise our voices.i will be taking my book off of my site for free shortly nobody really seems to want it either, so sounds like i am on a pitty pot, i guess i am, i have fought and fought and yelled been nice even9that took courage) and still nothing so you will only hear fom now on as i cn remember to let ou know how life is.

Thank all of you for being there for me.
God Bless & Keeep You & Tis Country of Ours!
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