Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Your Help & Advice is NEEDED.

I have a decession to make and i am asking you to help me with this. Now i know many of you do not leave comments or only once in awhile, i have found that person anonymous on my site, you know the one that tells the media something or politicians heard it from. But however you chooose to answer please do.

Some of you may remember the short clip in my tiny part of The Alzheimer's Project, where me and my phycologist were talking, he was the good looking young guy with the nice hair.We met the other day, yes i still see him, the poor guy needs help with his car payments. He is very aware of my blog, the documentary, my book and the number of people you have helped me reach. If you use the resources on the side and go from one to the other and use there resources you will eventually reach over 1200 sites for caregivers, information on various forms of dementia, different blogs of those suffering, charities and the rest, all because of suggestions you have passed on to me.

Here is the skinny as they say, whoever they are, Dr. Cain has suggested tapping my sessions now that thingss are going to hell in a hand basket and posting them on my blog. I can post them there or to my You Tube account. You all know i hold nothing back and some of ours sessions are alot livelier and wordy then my posts. He has no problem with it, i have no problem with it, Lynn is undecided at this thime.  We are thinking it will give a better face to the disease not just words, but you get to see my Bright Shinning Face and drool I know it is tough being me. But you couls start to see the true reality of this bastardly disease.


God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!
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